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What people are saying:

“Love the new place”

-Michael Berning

“I’ve been with Grace a long time. I’ve had many different hair colors and many different hair styles and I loved them all – it’s fun to be adventurous and turn out looking good.”

-Rebecca Rogero-Victor

“[To] any ladies in the Dayton area, I recommend Grace for your hair color and cut needs. Your hair can be saved by Grace alone!”

-Claudia Konicki Davis

“I have traveled many miles for a haircut and color with Grace – She’s the best!”

-Bj Weigel

The following is just where I’ve been; the future and all its possibilities is where I am headed!

I have been in this industry for more than twenty years. I am a Master Colorists with Goldwell color. I have been in management, and trained many assistants. You may have seen me on the television show “Monday Morning Makeover” with Jim Bucher.

Have You Met You?: First time must!

  • Learn things about yourself you may not have known.
  • Learn bone structure, growth direction, and techniques with your hair that support what is best for you.
  • Learn what products help create and achieve the beauty that lies within.

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