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“Had a great spa day at Salon Ventures [on] April 15, 2011! Started the day with Amanda Miniard, who gave me a very relaxing massage and facial, then over to Jessica Hartman of Totally Polished for a fabulous manicure, and finished the day with Michelle Tierney, who gave me a great color, lowlights, and cut! Thank you, ladies!!”

-Janice Taylor White

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My name is Kerry Grise and I have specialized in permanent make-up for 18 years. When I was first introduced to this unique beauty treatment in Redondo Beach, California over a decade ago, I chose to learn the manual method. Although it is more meticulous and time-consuming than the machine method, I chose the manual route because it enables me to have 100% control of the tool. The manual method is also much less invasive and not as painful for my clients. Most important, the manual method allows me to create a softer, more natural look.
I have enjoyed great success so far in my career and am excited to offer my services to you:
Mircoblading - $400
Mircoblading w/ Powder Background - $475
Eyebrows - SPECIAL: $250
I offer my clients two different options for eyebrow treatments:
  • Hairstroke eyebrows are for clients who have lost most of their natural brows. I can actually draw individual hairstrokes, giving you back the arch and shape you’ve lost. 
  • Shaded eyebrows are for clients who have thinning eyebrows. I shade underneath the natural hair, providing definition and color.
Eyeliner - SPECIAL: $125
I can apply permanent eyeliner to your top eyelid, your lower eyelid, or both. It can be applied as heavy or light as you desire; it is a good idea to wear your eyeliner to your appointment so I can see the amount of thickness and color you like. Please keep in mind that darker-colored eyeliner generally lasts longer.
I offer permanent lip liner and/or full lip color. It is a wonderful service because lip liner and/or full lip color can help crooked or thin lips appear more symmetrical and/or fuller. Clients who wish to have their lips done should keep in mind that more than one color application will be necessary to complete this procedure.
Anyone who wears curls their eyelashes every day or wears mascara can understand why eyelash perming and/or tinting can be a great timesaver. 
  • Eyelash tinting is a wonderful treatment for women with light-colored lashes. Although the lashes can be tinted black, keep in mind that this procedure adds only color, not thickness. Eyelash tinting generally lasts between 60 and 90 days.
  • Eyelash perming provides perfectly curled lashes lasting 60 to 90 days. It’s the same effect you get with your eyelash curler, but without the hassle.
Regarding at-home care, I send my clients home with Aquaphor cream and instructions to apply it to the treated area three times daily for two weeks and to keep the treated area moist at all times. 
Although all procedures soften over the years, diligent at-home care immediately following treatment ensures that the procedure will hold more color and last longer. The length of time each procedure lasts depends on the color selected, the level of compliance with the at-home care instructions, and sun exposure.
I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and hope you will call me and come in for a consultation. Be sure to watch my FaceBook page to see the specials of the month!