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    “I have worked in the salon industry for 12 years in three states and have never felt “at home” until Salon Ventures. Whether you are a professional who has been in the beauty business for years or someone who is relatively fresh talent with a go-getter attitude, this is the best work environment possible. Freedom to be as creative as you want. I have been here since we opened and will continue to be here for years to come.”

    -Lisa Dutton

    SB-Starla Marks-R
    What people are saying:

    “I love Salon Ventures!!! I love going there and having some privacy with my stylist in HER room, which she decorated herself. I did not like having to move over to a bowl to have my hair washed in front of an audience. [At Salon Ventures] I do not have to compete with other stylists’ conversations with my stylist. I feel I have her undivided attention. I absolutely love the separate rooms. It is so up-to-date and yet comfortable. I love my stylist and I am so happy for her to have this opportunity to expand and show off her great sense of style!!!”

    -Kathy L. Harris

    If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you probably have a lot of questions. Below are several questions commonly asked by salon professionals who are thinking about leasing a studio at Salon Ventures. 

    If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, complete the fields at right to contact us. You can also call us toll-free at 1 (877) 836-8570.


    • Benefits of salon ownership  

      • Why should I lease my own studio?
        Becoming an independent salon owner allows you to create your own business identity with your existing client base. It also enables you to increase your earning potential, set your own hours, and build stronger relationships with clients.
      • What is my earning potential as an independent salon owner?
        That is up to you. On average, independent salon owners make anywhere from 25 to 65 percent more than they did as employees in traditional salons.
      • Is leasing a studio at Salon Ventures the same thing as “booth rental”?
        Not at all. You’re not renting a chair in a common area. You actually have a key to your own private studio. No one but you has access to your studio, your supplies, or your equipment.
    • Why Salon Ventures? 

      • Why should I lease my own studio at Salon Ventures?
        Salon Ventures is a new concept designed for experienced beauty professionals who want to break out of the traditional salon environment. If you have the experience and client base to start your own business, Salon Ventures is for you.  When you lease a studio at Salon Ventures, you get to keep all of your commissions, set your own hours, sell your own products, and be your own boss.

        When you lease a studio from Salon Ventures, all you have to do is pay your weekly rent.  We provide all of the equipment, furnishings, maintenance, and amenities to help ensure that your business is successful.
    • How it works

      • How will Salon Ventures help me start my business?
        Salon Ventures does more than just lease studio space. We also help our salon owners register with the state, obtain their tax IDs and insurance, and establish themselves on the internet.
      • How will Salon Ventures help me grow my business?
        You have probably already built your client base with repeat business and referrals. Salon Ventures also offers you a presence on SalonVentures.com. You may perform any other promotional or marketing activities at your discretion.
      • Do I pay a percentage of my sales to Salon Ventures?
        No. You charge your own prices for the services and products you offer and keep whatever you make.
      • What other costs (besides rent) are there to start my business?
        Other costs are minimal. You will need your state business license, which costs about $100. Each salon owner also needs liability insurance, which typically costs about $1/day. 

        In addition to the other benefits of owning your own business, it’s important to keep in mind that suppliers often have special offers and discounts when you purchase salon materials in bulk.  These special offers and discounts may help to offset startup costs.
    • About our studios

      • How large are the studios at Salon Ventures?
        Salon Ventures offers both single and double studios. Single studios range from 90-120 square feet, and double studios range from 150-180 square feet. Double studios may be leased by an individual beauty professional or by two professionals who wish to go into business together.
      • What does it cost to lease a studio at Salon Ventures?
        Single studios lease in the mid to high $100s per week. Single studios with a window lease in the low to mid $200s per week.  Double studios lease in the mid to high $300s per week.  Double studios may be leased by an individual beauty professional or by two professionals who wish to go into business together.  Prices are negotiable.
      • How do I lease a studio with Salon Ventures?
        Send an email to heather@salonventures.com with your contact information, or complete the fields in the blue box at right. We will assist you with all the paperwork necessary to start your own business.
      • Is Salon Ventures just for hair stylists?
        No. Salon Ventures leases studios to a wide variety of beauty professionals, including hair stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, estheticians, and others.
      • What furnishings can I expect with my studio?
        Salon Ventures furnishes each single studio with a lockable door, styling chair, shampoo sink, cabinetry, mirrors, dryer chair and point-of-sale equipment. Double studios include two styling chairs in addition to the furnishings listed above.
      • How many studios are available at each location?
        Each location has approximately 20-25 individual and double studios.
      • May I decorate my studio?
        Each studio will be painted to give the facility a fluid, upscale appearance. However, salon owners may decorate their individual studios with other materials that fit their individual styles and clientele.
    • Setting appointments / scheduling

      • How do clients set up appointments at Salon Ventures?
        Each salon owner will have their own presence on SalonVentures.com, which includes their contact information. Clients may contact the salon owner directly to set appointments.  Most of our salon owners choose to have a cell phone designated exclusively for their businesses.
    • Building rules / hours of operation  

      • May I set my own hours?
        Yes. As a business owner, you are able to work the hours that fit your own schedule and the schedules of your clients. You may lock your studio when you are not working.
    • Product resale

      • May I sell styling products from my studio?
        You may sell the products you use or support from your studio. However, you are not obligated or expected to sell styling products.
    • Facility and studio maintenance

      • Will I be charged for any maintenance that needs to be done in my studio?
        No. Maintenance issues are addressed by Salon Ventures. All you have to do is call our toll-free number: 1-877-836-8570.
    • Leasing details / terms

      • What are the terms of the lease?
        Salon Ventures prefers that its salon owners sign one-year leases. However, they are negotiable down to six months. Salon owners signing leases lasting longer than one year may be eligible for special discounts.

      Health insurance

      • Does Salon Ventures provide health insurance to its salon owners?
        Although Salon Ventures does not directly offer health insurance to its salon owners, we will assist those who wish to procure it.