SB-Marie Clay

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Marie Clay
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SB-Marie Clay
What people are saying:

“I love Salon Ventures!!! I love going there and having some privacy with my stylist in HER room, which she decorated herself. I did not like having to move over to a bowl to have my hair washed in front of an audience. [At Salon Ventures] I do not have to compete with other stylists’ conversations with my stylist. I feel I have her undivided attention. I absolutely love the separate rooms. It is so up-to-date and yet comfortable. I love my stylist and I am so happy for her to have this opportunity to expand and show off her great sense of style!!!”

-Kathy L. Harris

MG’s Serenity Salon Suite Marie is a healthy hair care artist. She has been practicing her artistry for more than 16 years. Marie’s passion lies in healthy hair care maintenance. She specializes but not limited to; blow outs, silk presses, hair shaping, and hair care treatments to achieve lugurious natural healthy hair. MG’s Serenity Salon Suite’s ultimate goal is to allow today’s busy woman to relax, be serene, and leave beautiful…

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